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id like to thank a bunch of people
Rob aka Bigbird aka "mud" for always being there to motivate me to continue doing what i do with the cam and help me decide on whats next...and for being a good friend and always being around to go driving with, grab food or talk to

Jon aka JMSinMD for selling me numerous items for my car and for pushing me to buy new mods...and for keeping me sane at work as well

Adam aka ASG14 for always teaching me new things about toyotas and cars in general...hes always been there to help with tech info and little details noone else would ever know. hes generally wise beyone hid years and is always willing to help anyone with anything.

it is due to these people that i know what i do and my camry is what it is!
thanks for everything guys!

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Moky: who was the first one to start helping me with my camry and my rims.

Epsilon: helped out a lot with tires + rims + drop.

TRD VVTI: me and others. Probably one of the most knowleadgeable TN user here, with years of experience. Always helpful with great advice.

Njerald: keeps it real and helped me out a lot also.

White chocolate: HID / retrofit expert. need i say more?

trojan: Helping me since the beginning also with various things and opinions that i needed.

My car came a long way in a short time... :) All thanks to you guys and EVERYONE ELSE that i haven't mentioned.

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i would like the thank the following:

tobeit, eplison, peaches, geoff5093, moky, eddiefromcali, itzalanyo, and a lot more others that i cant think of on the top of my head for helping me out in any sort of way :) i love this forum n everyone in here, everyone has been helpful to everyone reguardless of how good of an advice they give such as "use the search button" :lol:

and i want to especially thank my big bro, Jim (he looks at this forum once in a while for my car, he drives a Honda <--eww!! jk jk lol) he's been there to help me mod my car from day one and i realli appreciate all of his effort on helping me with the mods :) thanks a lot jim! [wonder if he'll read this?]

once again, thank u everyone and hope to come to yall for more help in the future ;) :naughty:

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JSM1284 deserves a lot of gratitude for his Gen 6 retrofit work. I just wish more people would buy his product. :)

He's no longer around, but Wraith (Justin) was one of the coolest members, and had one of the most ridiculous Camry's (and then a ridiculous Echo) around. He was something like 2nd only to Tony the Tiger.

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If I were to try to thank everybody who helped me out over the years, I would forget someone. :lol: So I will just say thanks to everybody who helped me in some way and everybody keep helping. This attitude is exactly why this site is what it is today. I will continue to visit this site even though I technically don't have a Toyota anymore.

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^^^^ Same here
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