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Hey all and welcome to the official Pismo Beach meet thread!
By popular demand of the vote the date for the April meet will be the 24, 25, and 26. Sorry for those who cant make it to this meet! There will be another in May, poll is tied as of now so we can let that one sit for a while and make it official when it gets a little closer to the time.

Campsite location:
Here's a really good map of the area
This is where we will stay right between posts 12 and 13 to the south a lil bit
(Thanks to MJ and Aaron for the location info!)

Date is set for April 24, 25 ,26
Time will be dependant on when people can show on friday or saturday. Please PM me or the other members listed to go and we can arrange who will be there when. The larger the group the easier they are to find!

Some info on the Pismo beach dunes (Oceano aka Pismo):
A map of where Pismo is located:

Flags are a good idea for safety and pretty cheap to buy just outside of the entrance to the beach.

For those camping remember to bring warm clothes! Firewood and a BBQ would also be an excellent idea.

Anyone and everyone is welcome! Prerunners and 4wd! Bring who ever you would like! My girlfriend will most likely be joining us and maybe renting a dune buggy!

1. blackhawke88 (Aaron)
2. iamrayzian
3. kmillan (Kyle)
4. OneJay
5. eccracer104 (Mike)
6.undeclaredounker (Tim)
7. WCTacoTech (Brian)

Members listed for the meet: PM me your contact info (name and phone number) and I will get it sent out to the others. Those with hand held radios set them to channel 6 security# 1. For those with CB, set it to channel 16.

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1. 05SCtaco (Ken)
2. blackhawke88 (Aaron)
3. GMAK (George)
4. iamrayzian
5. kmillan (Kyle)
6. oakleyTRD (Cliff)
7. OneJay
8. eccracer104 (Mike)
9.undeclaredounker (Tim)

last time for the CB we used channel 16 and we also did handheld radios as well and i cant remember the channel for those, i will most likely be coming up sat night and just hang out for the night and wheel on sunday with you guys. Me coming up there will all depend on if i can get my 4runners tags in time for the meet

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Sorry guys, not gonna be able to go that weekend. I have a wedding to attend :sosad: too bad the date i voted for didn't win. :sosad:

Have fun! and maybe I might be able to go to the May event
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