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Offroading pictures, check em out..

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went out on some trails today. got some pictures and some videos..loading the vids on youtube as i'm writing this...i'll get the url up in a min for that..that really shows what was goin on but i'll throw in some pictures too!

obviously, i need better springs cuz my rear wheels were off the ground a few times..

this is coming out of a tank trap

going into a tank trap

going into another one

little bit deeper one

Your's truly

ass up in the air

some articulation...bout as much as she'll do...stiff springs
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The tank trap at Hollister?...or not.
no, tank traps in sequim, washington

they're not built for offroading fun, they're built to keep people out around here...
seandnw said:
they're not built for offroading fun, they're built to keep people out around here...
Well stuff like that dont keep toyotas out. We just crawl right through! lol
yeah sometimes...with my suspension, if i'm climbing a hill with some side to side variations, i end up getting stopped on it cuz my tires come off..

but theres some good video shots on the youtube url i posted..
stock push/pull steering---:thumbdown
stock length box---:thumbdown
stock tie rod----:thumbdown
sway bar STILL installed on solid axle---:thumbdown
stock shock /locations---:thumbdown
no lockers---
no diff guard---

other than that--- good start-
my xover steering is on the way...sheesh....i just bought a house and an 2000 audi s4, so i'm tryin to keep my head above water.....cuz you know, i REALLY needed an S4..
there is a LOT that can be done to a truck for little $$$ IF you have a FEW tools and the time/ambition---

when i figure how to post pics o this site-- i'll put a couple of my 'play' truck- my '85 on---
(i have a TOTAL investment of $1600 in the truck---)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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