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Oh my God. Another problem for my Jinxed Rav...

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The toyota tech said I need to replace the two rear tires as they are about 50,000 KLMS older than the fronts. Something about the AWD system could get damaged.

Anyone know if this is a serious issue or not?

Funny thing is, when I bought the car back in 2003 the toyota dealership put two new tires on the car as part of the reconditioning. Now why would they do that....??

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Why would it damage the ABS???
I could see if you had different SIZE tires, but I cant see how the tire diameter would be that different from wear that it would mess up the AWD system.
Since they put 2 new tires on back in '03, it seems like they werent too worried about it back then.
It kinda sounds like they are trying to BS you.
Don't you ever get them balanced and rotated.. you're supposed to get them rotated every 10,000kms. Even if you rotate them yourself (front to back) at least you're not wearing the fronts only before the back ones.

As for the AWD thing.. I call BS on that.
The AWD and ABS system likes to keep all four tires turning at the same speed (rate).

ABS System too should not be affected, but WHAT IS AFFECTED is that you will only stop as quickly as the least gripping tire while you are braking. On a wet or dry surface it is the tire with the least road contact. Otherwise, you will be skidding and then ABS takes over.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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