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Oh My! I have violated the TN 2nd commandment!

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Oh have mercy on me! For I have commited the sin of ignoring the rules! I just discovered I was supposed to post here first before posting anywhere else in Toyota Nation...
I'm surprised the Man hasn't come to revoke my TN privledges yet.

Alright enough with the fake pious stuff...

Me: I'm Greg. I'm 34 with a wife and 2 pipsqueaks. I shoot things. (With a camera) Otherwise I like to tinker. I earn my living in a photo lab.

Mines: I started out a classic car nut and I have owned several classics incuding but not limited to: Two 1970 Mercury Cougars with a 351Windsor & 390GT (First car), 1967 Ford T-Bird 4door w/suicide doors, 1966 Impalla SS Convertable Red with White interior with a High Preformance 302 (202 double-hump high flow heads) and a Powerglide tranny (Favorite car).

Enter Toyota. My first Toyota was a 1974 Corona, I paid $50 bucks for it and drove it like it looked.... Poo. Stupid thing was like a tank, couldn't kill it, even driving it off of 6 foot embankments didn't phase it. I finally traded it off for, yep, $50. Got a 1980 Toyota 4x4 jacked up and Plum Purple in color. Used that in building BIG snow balls. Oh! but did it burn the gas so I bought a 1990 2X4 and it got totaled by my sister

Since becoming a married man I've had to part with my beloved toys & classics and drive something more practical. Around 1995 when we were expecting our first child we purchased a 1988 Camry LE, got it for quite a deal at $4000. It had 120K on it when we bought it. In 1998 it got rear-ended by some idiot not paying much attention to what he was doing, by then we had it up to 200K. We bought another Camry a 1987 LE with the insurance money (which we sold a short time ago for $1500 with 240K) and bought back the other Camry from the insuance company. We ended up giving our first Camry to my sister and brother in law when their car broke down in Utah coming to visit us (it's still on the road with over 300K).

Currently we own 2 1990 Lexus ES250s. My wife gets the white automatic with cloth interior. And I just purchased a gold ES250 manual with leather. (I would prefer cloth, but leather is nice) I would have liked to get a LS 400 but since we commute to the tune of 70+ miles a day, gas milage is something of an issue. We also have a 1992 Previa AllTrac LE that we use when hauling the inlaws to their appointments along with anything else that requires more room than the cars provide. I also have 1 parts Camry and a second Gen 2 1988 Camry that I plan on rebuilding as a project.

Mods: Being something of a tinkerer, I like to work with electronics so usally the first thing I do to my cars usally involves mildly upgraded sound systems (balance over power) along with a remote car starter/remote entry system. Tinted windows are on the upcoming agenda, along with mild body mods like a tasteful lip spoiler. I've also been considering changing out the guages to something with a bit more color. Another possibility would be getting ahold of another 2VZFE engine and take some time to blueprint and balance it along with porting and polishing the heads & intake.
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A 70' Cougar with a 351W? That's SICK!!!!! Is it built? That's pimp man!
SmokingTiresV6 said:
A 70' Cougar with a 351W? That's SICK!!!!! Is it built? That's pimp man!
Remember the saying "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"? Let me just say there is a truth to that with HorsePower.

I'm surprised that car didn't kill me. It would snap your head back if the tires didn't break loose first. Those 1970 Cougars are extremly light in the rear end. If you have any experience with 70' Mustang you know what I mean. Essentially a 70' Coug is a Luxury Mustang. Disc/Power brakes, A/C, Power Steering, and nicer interior. The hidden headlights and sequencing taillights are icing on the cake!
Nice, Welcome to TN man:)
Those are some nice cars there you have/had.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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