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Oil capacity help

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I puchased a Hanes repair manual and was looking at the capacity section for all the oils so i could change them. Then I searched a bit on these forums and found some conflicting info that also was found in the owners manual for the truck. It is a 1990 4x4 and this is what i found

Hanes Oweners man
Diff (front) = 2.9 qts 1.79 qts
Diff (rear) = 2.5 qts 2.3qts

transfer case 3.4 qts 1.2 qts

The transfer case is a big difference is qts and i was just wondering how much you guys all put in and wah tis the correct ammounts. Thanks.. I plan on using Redline MT90 (GL-4) for transmissin and transfer case and Redline 75/90 (GL-5) gear oil for the differential. Is that correct

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remove the fill plugs, after draining and replaceing drain plugs, FILL TIL IT RUNS BACK OUT OF THE FILL HOLE, reinstall the fill plug !--- end of story.
cool, thanks, you never can be too carefull
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