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I considered it,. but it may be more gimmick than boost. If it reduces a little crud from spreading, OK. They can be relatively inexpensive - I would avoid the super high cost ones. If it were a big engineering issue, Toyota would have managed it already. I get the feeling it is more a "shiny thing" mod than any real performance/operational improvement.

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I have one in my Taco. I'm convinced they are better to have then not to have if you plan on keeping your car till it dies. They are highly recommended for turbos. They remove oil from the PCV system that would otherwise end up in the combustion chamber, thus reducing carbon buildup. Benefits may not be seen till over 150K. The downside is you have to remember to empty the cans of the gunk it captures; otherwise, you plug the PCV system which can damage your engine. Just empty every oil change and you'll be good to go. The more expensive cans are more durable and capture more crud. I have a Saikou Michi catch can. A bit pricey but made in US and very well put together.

May not pass smog CA, even though you are actually capturing pollutants. I take it off when I smog the truck just in case.

The OEM models are referred to as oil separators and are designed to be maintenance free. They are pricey and found on expensive models.

Most other manufacturers will not include them because it cuts profits and carbon buildup will rarely be seen during the warranty period. Plus, most folks would not empty the cans, which would lead to more warranty claims.
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