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Don't know about the 6 but this is on the 4. When the dope at the oil change place sticks the oil filler tube into where the oil goes, they can bend that metal cover you see right inside the oil fill cap, break it, etc. I'd post a picture, but you can even see how it is bent down, broken, metal parts missing, and are either chewed up or lying down in the oil pan most likely, possibly blocking the oil uptake screen or filter.. Anyways, that's where the timing chain is right underneath there so it should be fine .. Just got done showing the dealer, and thats what we figured out, watch out for idiots, they are aplenty. This happened to a friends 5th gen, anyways..
On my 6th gen that metal cover looks like it's plastic.., so it looks like I'll never be letting anyone ever change my oil.
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