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Oil Change

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How often do you change the oil on a toyota corolla 97? 7000miles?
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3500 miles with regular oil, or about 5 with syntethic. I personally do it when the oil is dark, as once it reaches that point, it begins leaving deposits inside the engine.
3000 gives me piece of mind and about 500 miles leeway in case I'm too busy/ lazy. The older the engine, the sooner it dirties up. I use cheap fram filter and Quaker/ castrol/ valvoline 5/10 w 30. Never pennzoil.
I used to change the oil on all my cars at 3000 miles, and it worked well. No problems after a couple of really high mileage (250K+) cars. I use Castrol 5w30 oil and a high quality filter, not Fram.

After the price of oil doubled, I started changing the oil and filter at 5000 miles, and checking the color often. That seems to be ok so far - about 50K miles. Time will tell.
I usually change it every 8000km back when I was using conventional, and now every 10000km on synthetic.

It all depends on your driving habits, but a used oil analysis will get you the information you need.
I use Castrol 5w30 oil and a high quality filter, not Fram.
yeah I probably should stop this addiction. I think it might be why the oil is dirty at 2500. But then again it never was dirty with a fram before I reached 100k miles:confused: I don't know.

Anyway, speaking of saving money on oil, how about a free filter and 5 quarts of oil? Here you go (I don't know if this will work pasted):

Anybody trust Peak oil/ filter?:eek:
3,000 miles, or when the temps get in a range recommending a switch from 10W to 5W or vice versa. So about twice a year give I barely put 5k on it a year.
3K is a good rule of thumb. But I it depends
autozone told me to use hersheys chocolate syrup.
Yeah, in the south that is the requirement. But up here in the north, maple syrup is what they tell us to use, or honey. Once it crystallizes, it ports the intake and cleans inside the motor so well, that by the time your done, you won't have a motor anymore.
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