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Oil FIlter assembly

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Hey guys I have a 05 Avalon xls and last week it was time for my first oil change. The oil filter cartridge assembly was new to me. First I drained the oil then I went to remove the small bolt at the bottom of the filter when I tried it actually started to turn the whole canister so I had no choice but to remove the whole piece and let the oil drain out over the edge. After all the oil drained out I went to stand up and I dropped the canister it was covered in oil and it slipped out my hand. The parts inside came out of the canister it looks like a metal tube with holes the other part was a small metal piece the size of a quarter. I didnt know how it came apart so I put it back together the best way I thought it should. Then tonight I'm working in the garage and I found a spring on the floor! I know it must have gone in that filter canister piece. Anyone got any ideas? Should I drain the oil and take it apart again or should i just wait till the next oil change to put the spring back it? I think all it does is hold the oil in the canister until you remove the bottom bolt and insert the plastic drain tube. Any ideas guys? Thanks!!!
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I had the same problem, whoever changed the oil over-torqued the drain plug. Also there was no spring in the oil filter canister when I did an oil change last week. You should be fine.:thumbsup:
Don't throw the disk and spring away. They are part of a valve located at the base of the filter housing used to drain the old oil before removing it. I don't think the valve is a critical part of the lubrication system, so it's probably OK to wait until the next oil change to restore it.

I'll post a drawing tonight showing where the spring and disk belong.
I apologize for giving the wrong information.
Factory drawing is posted at: filter.pdf

When i remove the small drain cap, there is a shallow cavity with a spring-loaded ball that prevents the housing from draining until the plastic adapter is inserted. My guess is the disk retains the spring. What I have never noticed is what retains the disk in place.
Thanks so much guys! I think I will save the spring for the next oil change then put it back together properly. It looks like the spring is just for draining the oil and shouldn't give me any other problems.:cool:
After changing the oil on my wife's '06 Avalon about 25 or so times, I've come to the conclusion that attempting to drain the oil held in the housing by inserting the plastic gadget that comes with the filter is an exercise in futility. All I ever do is burn myself as I am a firm beliver in draining oil when it's hot.

Drain the main oil pan first. Let things cool down; then simply place a catch pan undeneath the oil filter housing and remove the housing as a whole. Once loose you can complete the housing removal by hand and turn it over to drain the contents when it comes off.

I always take the unit apart - remove the center post that the filter slides on to + spring and the small coin shaped piece that sits in the bottom. Doing so allows you to thoroughly clean the inside of the oil filter housing.

Oil the big o-ring that fits around the outer housing before and after installing on the housing. Replace the smaller one if you wish.
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I don't do oil change myself anymore for a few years now.
For the 05+ Avalon, I found the oil filter is different than the "can" style oil filter. (after reading this topic)

It is actually a filter cartridge! Not sure what is the benefit from the design but sure it makes it difficult for DIY.

Back then, I do my own oil change but getting old and no time. Not to mention the recycle thing.... :) I just take it to TOYOTA, usually $45.00 for 4month/5K
Wow. Last time I changed an oil filter element was on my grandmother's 1955 Olds 88. Looks like when I update from my 2003 Avalon, old will be new again.
I find the filter cartridge easier than the can because I don't have to reach around a hot motor to get at the filter. It's curious about your grandmother's '55 Olds. For the last two years I was in high school ('53 and '54) I worked as a grease monkey at a local repair garage and gas station (Gulf). I did the oil changes, lube jobs, flat tires, and pumped gas. I never saw an oil filter and we didn't stock any. They must have just come in just after I got out of high school.
My previous car was a drop in cartridge as well. Though the filter was located at the top of the motor. And my stupid little drain plug thing was over torqued ages ago. Had the car almost a year, still havent been able to drain it properly. I just drain the engine first, and slowly drain the filter housing by keeping it level and unscrewing slowly. Still somewhat messy, but I've done it enough to keep the mess contained.
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