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Oil,filter,brand and type

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1996 Corolla DX,1.8,112K miles
What type and weight oil are ya'll running in your Corollas? What brand oil filter are you using? I'm thinking about using Motorcraft 10W30 semi-synthetic along with a Purolator or AC Delco oil filter.Any opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:
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if you're going to run a blend then i'd suggest valvoline max-life and a purolator pureone filter or mobil1 filter.
I'm using RP & PureOne myself, but I hear motocraft is good
I'm running Mobile1 synthetic 10W30 in mine with a Mobile1 filter on the engine. It's a '95 DX with about 235k and it's goin' strong. I'd recommend it, even though it's rather expensive.
Purolator Pureone (on all the vehicles in my garage) & Valvoline 10w30 in summer, 5w30 in winter
I went with Super Tech 10W30 synthetic oil and a Pure One oil filter. :thumbsup:
what is better for our corollas synthetic or standard oil?

111685 miles on my 93... :clap:
Doesn't really make a difference whether you use Synthetic or Standard--5W30 or 0W30 (synthetic) works fine.

Filter: Toyota Filter works just fine, its cheap, and can't go wrong with a Toyota.
I don't think the oil or the filter really matters if you change at 3k miles. When at 5k, 7k, 10k, 12k, or more it definitely matters. Some will probably disagree, but to me, synthetic is a huge waste of money. I know the synthetic oils are good for when you run low from a leak or something. They bond better. Maybe they won't separate like conventionals. Some cheap oils separate sooner and so may not last much more than 5k miles. I use Valvoline Max Life because about 8 months ago Auto Zone had a deal with a Fram Tough Gaurd filter for like $15.99. I stocked up. I usually change at less than 3k miles (never more than 4k). Before the engine reached 100k miles, the oil was very clean/ clear looking when changing. Now at 132k it looks moderately brown/ less clear (at the dipstick). I know that dark oil color is not necessarily an indicator of anything wrong, but clean looking oil is definitely an indicator of something right.:naughty:
castro or valvoline regular oil. toyota filter.
German Castrol Syntec 0W30, Napa Gold Filter. Running 7500mile OCIs.
MOTUL 300V 5W-40

Toyota Oil Filter


on 4AGE and GZE, the oil is highly recommendable
I change the oil very 3K.
Currently, I'm using Pennzoil High mileage 5W-30 with a Purolator Premium Plus filter.
Will probably switch to Pennzoil High mileage 10W-30, for summer, at the next change.
Shell 10W30. Fram Filter. Nothing exciting, just need stuff that does it's job.
Winter corolla - Castrol GTX high mileage 5w30. (stopped my oil burning issues) 320km.
Summer turbo corolla - Castrol syntech or Amsoil 5w40 or 20w50 for track/autox.
Castrol GTX 5W30 and NAPA Gold filter on my 200K engine.

I can't say that I've seen evidence that any one oil is definitely better than another, but a LOT of guys I know with 200K-300K engines run Castrol. I also think synthetic is a waste of money, based on the lack of proof that it actually does anything to justify the extra cost.
Purolator Pureone filters are what I grab off the shelf at the store. i'm currnetly running Mobil 1 5w-30 synthetic but i may switch to 10w-30 after this interval.
For the 95 DX, Vavoline durablend 10w-30 every 3000 miles. Toyota filters bought in bulk. Oil is still clean and clear on the dipstick at change time. Only 90,000 just-broken-in miles.
Running Shell Rotella SB 0W-40 (synthetic) and NAPA gold filters at 5000km OCI's, The rotella doesn't seem to burn of really at all, almost no oil burning!
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