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oil in coolant

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ok ive been goin through hell with my truck lately. i just recently had the head shaved, timing kit put in new timing cover and a ton of other new parts onto my truck... it still runs hot! and im still gettin oil in the coolant ( this was the problem from before) do you think there is enough oil leftover that its now working its way out of the system? im at a complete loss and im just completely frustrated with it! please if anybody can help...
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maybe u waited too long to do a timing chain
is there anthing i can do to fix it? i mean i replaced everything i could think of...
You could run some flush through the radiator then drain it and fill it again to see if there was just residual oil left in the system.

Did you replace all of the gaskets as well?
yes all gaskets were replaced... i went through and flushed the system tonight drove it down the road and it seemed fine. we'll see how she does on the way to work in the morning

thanks for your help...
How about the radiator-plugged, thermostat OK? Radiator fan system working OK?
yea i was gonna say, check the thermostat, rad, fan clutch, water pump and the timing cover itself. the timing cover is infamous for getting a hole worn through it from broken timing chain guides. if that was your problem you would have lots of coolant in the oil and maybe a slight trace of oil in coolant.

the timing cover gaskets can also be a real pain in the ass if you didnt get them on just right. it would not be uncommon to find some oil in the coolant after flushing several times if there was alot of oil in the cooling system and it ran through the radiator and heater core.

worst case scenario , your block is cracked.... im also assuming you had the head pressure checked. it really sounds like your ok if it goes down the road . you may just have a minor issue like a fan clutch fan, rad, or thermostat.
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If you have enough oil in the cooling system it could mess up the thermal transfer from block/head to coolant and from coolant to radiator because of the film of oil that would coat the inside of the cooling system. Flush the hell out of it. use some sort of detergent if you have to. then you'll have to flush out the detergent
yeah i just replaced the cover chain guides and complete timing kit, i also had the head shaved and tested( all ok) new gaskets all around, new thermostat flushed coolant like 4 times and it seems like its running just fine. but i have a question for you guys. i realized this last time i replaced the thermostat, i have to put it in opposite for the truck to run at normal temps. if i put it in with the spring down it overheats everytime... anybody else with this problem?
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