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ok i replaced the timing set last fall on my 88 22RE

well ever since it has had an oil leak

when i replaced it i opted to not remove the cyl head or the oil pan either

the fornt part of the head gasket came off of course

i RTV'd everything i coudl and did use a stock cover gasket but regardless of all that it leaks about a 1/4 of a quart every 2-3 weeks and the whole bottom of the engine and stuff are coated in oil

i saw a pretty bad looking trail of oil in the snow this mornign as if something started leaking alot more all of a sudden

so i have a Q

would having broken off the front part of the head gasket definitely cause an oil leak?

or definitely not possible ?

why or why not ?

trying ot figure out if its either the oil pump balancer seal maybe, and maybe not the cover gasket itself, in which i dont think it is

im going for either front of the head, or the oil pump or balancer seal

ive tried tonspect closely and see if i could see where its coming from but i cannot, as oil is jus on everything all over

any ideas?

ive been running this truck every day like this since last fall, with no problem, but i think it just got worse on me

thanks for anything

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For free service manual downloads:

In North America the 22R & 22R-E s are used in the following:

1981-82 Toyota Corona
1981-83 Celica
1981-87 Toyota pickup (up to 1990 on 2wd)
1984-87 Toyota 4-Runner

22R-E (22REC=California emissions=extra charcoal canister)
1983-85 Celica
1985-95 Toyota pickup
1985-95 Toyota 4-Runner

22RTE (Turbo EFI)
1985-87 Toyota 4-Runner
1985-87 Toyota pickup

Harmonic balancer repair sleeve/speedy sleeve (seal saver sleeve, balancer repair sleeve,crank seal saver,sleeveNseal ring) slides over shaft:

Felpro # 16214=$5
Future # 21-2514 (aluminum shaft sleeve included)
NAPA repair sleeve # 99177 (Mack PDC,National,Car Quest)
Pioneer repair sleeve (Silver Seal) # HB-4133

attached with some epoxy or use Loctite 609 or 242 or put some red RTV and fill that groove before you put it on also look in the yellow pages under “bearing suppliers”.

For a picture:

Front crank oil seal (front input shaft seal):

Fed Mogul (National,Timken Seals) # 710345
Toyota # 90311-45014 (brown, 7 mm thick) & 90311-30115, Chicago Rawhide # CR17758 (9 mm thick) or CR550294 (7mm thick)
Beck Arnley # 0522144
NAPA repair sleeve # 99317(rear),list price $68.10>$33.19 net Canadian $ and the seal was $12.10
Rear crank seal:

Toyota # 90311-80010,90311-80001 (the earlier 20R & 22R seal),90311-80010 (is the improved version. It is made out of silicone and has double lip for better sealing).

This info provided by EB:there are 3 versions of the speedy sleeve:

1)one is light steel with spray chrome flashing(yuk)
2)one is steel with chrome plating
3)and the good ones are all stainless steel and they are made in Canada.

Repairs tv's,vcr's,home/car audio out of my home
E-mail:[email protected]
Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
1985 Toyota 4-Runner,solid front straight axle,factory cruise control,sunroof,22R-E,W56,RN60LV-MSEK,with 253 000 KM

:kingme: for I am :canada:

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ok good info thanks :D

now to see what anyone thinks the leak really is coming from and how i could find out for sure amongst the mess of oil all over



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Yes if you broke off the fron center section of the head gasket you will definately get a leak. We have seen this in a lot of cases when the customer come in with a serious leak. I have seen people just load it up with RTV/FIPG but it doesnt stop it. Best case is replace the cylinder head and use the Toyota FIPG sealant. It will save you a lot of problems. Good Luck!

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hmm thats crappy

where does the oil that leaks out of this location come from

from the cylinder head or from spashing off the timing chain ?

im going to not to not fix it because im not keen on taking the cylinder head off this thing

just for this leak

will just have to live with it


i think its a really crappy design that the TC sits under the cyl head

not very good imho

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