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Oil leak????

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Alright well I left my cressida in the drive way for about 3 hours, I came back and there was a big puddle of oil under my car, and it had a slow drip from the oil pan bolt. Today the leak stopped, and I checked my oil 3 times, wiping off the dip stick every time. And it showed the oil was full every time :confused::confused:. So the oils full? And I had a leak? It doesn't leak anymore. Does anyone know what happened?
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you have an intermittent oil leak is what happened. lol

could be something with heat expansion and thinner oil allowing a leak, dirt in the pan clogged it after a bit, it was overfull to start with, spilled some adding to it before and it dripped down just then, I dunno. carb/brake clean the whole area and see if it comes back.
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