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i have noticed that my camry is getting oil on the spark plugs and was wondering if anyone knows where it is comming from.

i have re-sealed the sparkplug tubes and still there is oil, help!

93, manual, 4 cylinder 5S-FE engine

Cheers for any help

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If you relealed the spark plug tubes the oil in there is probley oil that got in there before you had it resealed.

I had the same thing happen 2 months ago and thought I still had that problem, but the mechanics just didn't remove the oil that was in the tubes.

So get the oil out of there, and check it like a day later to see if there is still oil, if there is they didn't do a good job of resealing the spark tubes.

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i have the same problem, but i was told it was the valve seals. pretty sure i need some valve work, lots of oil on the plugs and blue smoke on start up. any truth to that?
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