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Oil Pressure Light Coming On

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My oil pressure light is coming on while in drive or reverse. On my car the revs r slower in these gears then they are in neutral and park. I drive a 88' Corolla A4-C Engine. 145,000 kms. Now when I come to a stop (the revs get lower then about 0.7 x1000) the oil pressure light comes on so I slip it into neutral to prevent damage and the light will dissapear. So i was wondering has anyone ever experienced anything like this or know what the problem could be? My guess is the oil pump. :ugh3:
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Pretty common for older engines, the cause is most likely worn rod bearings, at idle the oil pressure won't maintain because it's loosing it too fast. Not really a big deal, and not really worth fixing. Just keep driving it until it gets too bad and pick yourself up a newer Corolla.

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