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Oil Pump Scoring

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The manual just mentions measuring clearances but does not say anything about scratches or scoring so I thought I would ask here even though I have a gut feeling what the answers will be.

Is this somewhat normal or should it all be replaced?
What does this say about the history of this engine?

Sorry for the bad pics, I really did try to get good focus.

There is a grove worn into the shaft just left of the brown line, it is about where the seal lip rides

The back side of this isn't nearly as bad.

This is the worst one of all. I would say .020 of an inch deep or more.
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That doesn't look too good, you will definitely need to replace the pump. They are not that expensive, about $60-70 dollars. The thing is, once a groove starts to form, the wear can accelerate quickly, so the condition of the pump doesn't mean the rest of the engine has damage.

What is the general condition of the engine?
The engine has 230K miles. Compression test was uniform just above the limit according to the book. Ran smooth and quiet with no smoke.

The engine is out of a parts car right now and will go into a different one when I am done with it. That different car has a blown engine in it right now that I have to take out. I think I will look at using the oil pump out of that one if it is good. I really wanted to get this engine put together and out of my way before I pulled the bad one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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