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oil recommendations

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its time to change the oil on my car, and im going to try to do it myself this time. my dad said that up til now we've been using synethetic. what oil should i use? on the cap it says to use 5w-30. i have 165,000 miles, and i have the sludging problem that occurs on a lot of 1mzfe's. can that be fixed by using a thicker oil?
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Switching back and forth between regular and synethetic oil is bad for you car. If you have been using synethetic oil I would stick with it. Mobile 1 is the best, buit is also expensive.
i should stick with synethtic even though the mileage is gettin up there?
I have heard arguments both ways.

Some say that thiner synthetic oil will leak out of seals easyer in older cars.
Others say that synthetic is even better for higher mileage then lower mileage cars because of how it reduces friction.

Once I get my new tC I am going to use synthetic after break-in. I plan to use synthetic for the life of the car, especially one it gets older.

Do a search, both TN and Google, and I am sure you can find plenty of info to come to you own conclusion.
Leaking in older engines happens, but it's a way overstated problem. If an engine has been fed dino oil for a long time, and has not received changes often enough, a layer of varnish, sludge, or both may form over critical seals. Those seals, now deprived of contact with fresh oil and its seal-preserving additives, begin to dry out and shrink slightly. Then, if you add syn oil, its superior ability to clean and suspend grunge (I'm overgeneralizing here, some syns are better than others in this regard), the layer of varnish/sludge is cleaned away and the oil hits the compromised seals and can leak until the seals are reconditioned. If an engine is fed syn its whole life, this mechanism never has a chance to come into play.

Mobil-1 (not "Mobile" by the way, that's a city in Alabama...;) ) is fine stuff. I ran a Honda Civic hard for ten (10) years on the stuff, and when I sold it with over 150k on the odo, the inside was spotless and silvery without even a trace of the yellowish varnish you often see in well kept engines fed dino oils. There are, however, plenty of other good choices on the market.
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would replacing all the seals in my engine be a good idea for my car?
ekpolk said:

Mobil-1 (not "Mobile" by the way, that's a city in Alabama...;) )
Close enough :D :p:
Mobil 1 synthetic , change to it, then stick with it. 5w-30 in summer and step up the thickness in winter.
I've been running on Havoline from shop oil changes.

Should I switch as well to Mobil-1 syn?

195,000 miles
The moment I switched to synthetic , the car just ran stronger and smoother, I would suggest anyone to switch to Mobil 1 synthetic. (even with high milage)
I love Mobil 1. I use the syn, i believe it's the performance vehicle formula. It runs very smoothly, I noticed a HUGE difference when I first put it in. It's good stuff. VERY good stuff. It's like the greatest feeling buying it-just as exciting as a new outfit! I give it a very large :thumbup: !
Go to Wal Mart and you can get a 5 quart container of Mobil 1 synthetic for $20. Make sure to use a good oil filter. DO NOT USE FRAM, THEY SUCK!!!

Use a Mobil 1 or K&N oil filter. They're pricey at $10-11 but worth it. Purolator Pure One is also a good oil filter. Pure One's are available at Pep Boys while the Mobil 1 and K&N's are usually available at Auto Zone and Murrays.
I use mobil 1 as well. :thumbup: Its expensive but worth it. Engine will last forever even if you mistreat it.
Well, I think you all have sold me :)

I'll just flush and clean all the old dino shit out and buy a new K&N and fill with Mobil 1 :)
yeah, i flushed with mobil 1 and used a k&n filter
epborden said:
Well, I think you all have sold me :)

I'll just flush and clean all the old dino shit out and buy a new K&N and fill with Mobil 1 :)
The greatest thing about K&N oil filters is that you'll never need an oil filter wrench. They have a 1" hex on the end of the filter!:)
Yeah definately use Mobil 1, its all I ever use and its worth it.

I dont think you need to shell out the money for the K&N filter though. I use Nippon or Denso filters and they work just fine, as long as its not Fram you're fine.
this thread is interesting, my camry has 100,000km's on it and I think I am gonna switch to synthetic. I am only scared about that seal problem how hard/expensive is it to replace the seals? just a guestimate would be appreciated, thanks guys. man this forum f'ing rules.
I used to use Mobile 1 now I use AMSOIL. I use it in all my toys oil and filters. Great stuff. :thumbup:
mobil one synthetic only for my baby :thumbup:
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