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oil stop leak & fuel injection cleaner

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hey i recently changed my oil and put a bottle of that stop-leak in instead of a quart of pretty sure my valve-cover gaskets are shot so thats where my leakage is...i was hoping the stop-leak would resolve the problem but oil still drips at about a quart a week....its a real pain...any of u guys have any real success with any of these products?..i used a product by lucas if it helps...i also added a bottle of fuel injection cleaner in my tank last these products really make a difference performance or mpg wise??
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Why not get the problem fixed rather than dumping a can of that stuff in every time it leaks?
If it's the valve cover gasket, it's a fairly easy fix and cheaper than replacing a quart of oil a week. If it's Stopleak additives are only short term bandaids, not a real fix (even if they seem that way, it's borrowed time).

Fix it right and save yourself the headache.
how hard is it to replace the gaskets?? other words how long and what do u gotta take apart to change em?
I haven't done a Toyota 4 cyl or V6, but I have done Dodge V6s and Honda 4 cyl and they are never hard. Get a service manual and you'll save yourself time and energy. With no experience, but general handiness, you can expect 1 to 3 hours, but I've done old V8s in 15 minutes.

If it's a head gasket and not a valve cover gasket, it's a much bigger task and the block or head may be warped and require machining to get flat.
seafoam and Lucas injector cleaners work
stop leak never seem to work
I have an 02 V6, I did my passenger side valve cover two days ago, it took me about 3 hours being the first time I did it on this truck and i did it in my driveway, I used permetex ultra black sealant and the rubber seal, it seems to be good now. There is alot of disassembly to it but nothing to complicated, just keep track of everything you unplugged or disassembled. Just make sure there is no loose dirt or anything that could contaminate the engine once the cover is off. Dont pry cover off as you may damage the sealing surface, try hitting the cover with a block of wood to "free the cover up" make sure sealing surface is clean (I used acetone to finish cleaning surface) and all traces of old sealant are removed. Then reassemble. There are 8 spots on the sealing surface where you are supposed to apply the sealant, but I don't have a scanner to post a pic. The torque for the bolts can be a little tricky too because it only calls for 53 INCH/pounds and my torque wrench only starts at 120 inch/pound (10 ft/pounds). When I took the cover off I could loosen the bolts by hand (pretty much). When you tighten them just make sure you do it in a pattern like you would a tire, and in about three or four steps adding more torque until desired torque is reached.

Ps. might be a good time to clean throttle body too with everything else disassembled (I think). I never.... but I need too.
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