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My wife bought a 99 Corolla previous daily rental with 30 k miles before we started dating. This summer we will be married 10 years. I am keeping the wife (she is awesome), but I have upgraded to 07 Camry SE V8 Silver/Black Leather interior with 38K miles. Oh. the 99 Corolla has 373 K miles and has been extremely reliable. It is now using 1 qt oil every 2 K miles. I performed oil changes about every 3K miles with Chevron Supreme 5w30. I used to get that stuff at Kragen sometimes 49 cents per quart after rebate. They used to sell the Chevron ATF at same price. Never had any tranny problems either. I did a lot of maintenance myself, always appreciated info on this forum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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