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Ok I'm just stumped on a headunit choice.

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I need to choose a headunit that has Mp3 playback. Will make my stocks sound as good as they can until I get some cash flow. I've heard to many opinions and guess what, I want to hear more. I am VERY strapped for cash right now. We just bought a new house and i just bought the Camry so I am looking for something that will keep me happy for a while. So far the Panasonic 1300 and the Pioneer 4500 and 4600 are the choices. I just have a couple questions as well besides your suggestions out of those.

Is 50x4 better than 200 Watts alone?

How hard are they to install by yourself.
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Heres the product details for the Pioneer 4600 and 4500

Power/Max 50 Watts x 4 MOSFET and the 4600 says 200 WAtts

Is MOSFET make it any better, i know its the same after but is there a difference in quality.

Wihch deck would you take if you are on a tight budget like i am, the Panasonic which is 30 dollars cheaper or the Pioneer which is 30 dollars more
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