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ok so ummm need some help

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I found this MKI for sale it's autotragic, with the n/a 4a-ge, the tranny has a hole in it, the car is only $75, so I want a 5 speed in it, I've done tranny swaps on 240sx's before but I don't know what all i will need for this swap, these mid engine cars are really wierd to me, so to get to the point what all do I need and where can I find it? and about how much should I expect to be paying.

Gage Hermann
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exact same thing you would need if you were doing a 5 speed swap in a FWD car.... only the clutch lines are a lot longer

clutch/brake pedals
shifter & cables
master/slave cylinders
clutch lines
flywheel, clutch, pp

things you might consider:
ecu/wiring from a 5 speed (not necessary)
gauge cluster from a 5 speed (not necessary)
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