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oldschool toyota owners from ontario

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Too bad, I used to have a nearly mint 1972 Toyota Hilux
Sorry, my FWD car does not qualify as old school. :disappoin
VooDoo said:
wasaaapppp mike!!! :)
kamusta fafa budu!!! :D YM tayo minsan!;)

REN69 said:
Sorry, my FWD car does not qualify as old school. :disappoin
yeah but you're an old fart, so i'll let it slide... hahahaha!
does an ae101 qualify? :)

i think i have some rust so that makes my ride a rust bucket right?
<--- also has rust (cries)
How about a 1988 Tercel? Its got a turbo if that counts for anything.
guys.. the only qualification is you have to be an oldschooler at heart. biggest example = REN69.

see you there guys... by the way, the new link is down below.
freakinbox said:
<--- also has rust (cries)
dont get me started on rust...:disappoin
We all got rust dude. :(
Why not get some cheapo cards printed up at Staples that we can distribute to people we meet? I think its like $16 for 500 or 1000 or somthing.
I dont have any rust on my car.... and its an 86 supra... :D
lol i have a burgundy hood, trunk, and rear passenger door, and the rest of the car is blue, and the old owner painted the bottom half of the panels flat black but he parts of the fenders got overspray :lol:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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