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Omg This Will Drive Anyone Insane!

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Hi all.
i have a 96 grande with a stock cd/cassete & radio PIONEER player. nothing is wrong with the system at all. works great. beautiful sound, no reason to upgrade...


i cannot get that annoying loud beeping sound to be muted whenever i press a button on the radio, ect changing station, changing cd.
This is a loud high pitched beep sound that i cannot stand to hear everytime i press a key on the system. the repetative beep is really doing my head in.

anyone who knows how to mute this horrible sound please inform me asap, as i would really like to end that useless beeping sound.

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get a new raido:lol: i had that on my 95 and hated it, but its intigrated into the stereo. i just swapped in a new headunit and my problems were solved.
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