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On a nice Sunday drive...

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Hey guy brace your self,

I hate SUVz.
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sue him for injuries.. that should give you enough money for a turbo :D jk of course.. hopefully his insurance will pay for it.. oh.. just in time for the july meet also :(
damn dude that sucks i was just talking to my wife about that. i see ole people driving excursions and navigators around here now:eek: we plan to stay away from them far away. make them repaint the whole car unless the shop can color match.
:eek: holy shit dude
i hope that guy had ins.
what happend
damn im sorry man, stll wondering about the tails, u think they can be re used?
No way, they are not completely messed up, but not reusable.
This lady had insurance fro all those who are wondering, but they have not taken liability for it yet, WTF!
you should get a kit and the cf trunk for all this
I just want my car back the way it was... My baby is hurting...!

Care to tell the whole story?
thay look fine but if the ins.will pay get new onew and keep the old ones just incase
damn, what a shame, that can you do that to such a clean camry?
that really does suck
oh what a shame...and that's a beautiful 5spd V6

here in TX anytime somebody rear-ends you no matter what its their fault, even if you jam your brakes on for no reason...i don't understand how they couldn't have taken liability yet :confused:

but more importantly Alex I assume you are ok, other than hurting for your poor baby...:sosad:

Damn that sucks. That same thing happened to me when I bought my first decent car, it was a 97 Maxima and on the 3rd day I had it, a Chevy Tahoe rear ended the hell out of me, totalling it out... I still had temp plates & temp registration paper and I only put a total of 17 miles on it....... I was at a complete stop and the Tahoe cut across 2 lanes of traffic and didnt see me stopped there... At least yours is fixable, I hate to see such a rare car go to waste.....
Nooooo! That sucks! And on a car with... dual exhaust? You have the person's info, find his truck and set it on fire
^ tastes like burning.
damn...that sucks...hopefully his insurance will cover it
Ick. I hope the check their insurance cuts you fixes the boo-boo and more. (If you need help spending the money-I am dying for a new pair of Manolo's!) ;)
Good luck with the repairs!
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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