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On the road again....

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Hey, hey Nationalists !

I am on the road to big D to pick up my new '06 Taco !
Glad to be back in the brotherhood and really glad to
have found y'all. More later after 500 miles of driving
under the influence of a new Toyota.

Ride On,


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Hey folks,

I survived the trip home however I saw many deer, a horse and a
couple of people that did not fair as well. The new Taco rocks...

20 mpg at 85 - 90mph ! I am happy ! !

I do have a question or two....

1. Seems the shocks/springs need to be adjusted.

I have an '06 Pre-Runner with the (PM) Sport Suspension,
and while it provides a really good platform for the road
and a little off roading, it seems to need some adjusting
in the rebound and compression damping areas.

Are there alternatives/adjustments ?

2. What the hell is Liquicell ?

I don't find the seats (L2) that comfortable, just fore and
aft plus wind-up lummbar adjustments. Same as the last
generation Tacos .. Maybe, don't remember ? ?

3. Noise

Got to get some sound-pruff for the road noise. But, do
y'all have BAD wind noise ? Maybe it was my somewhat slightly
elevated speed last night. But, WOW ! It is really loud.

But all night WalMarts and cheap CDs fixed that ! ! !

I checked the weatherseals today and they all look good, fit
pretty well, and no creases anywhere. So, I am at a loss.

Overall, I love the truck. Great size, good looks, etc. etc.. etc...
Glad to be back in the fold, and I am really glad to have found
all of you here.


'06 DC Longbed
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