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one fine T100

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I am debating whether to keep my T100 or not. It is a 98 4x4 SR5 w/ 3.4L. 270k miles. All in all I've put only about 6 grand into repairs over the years. Its done me quite well, its good off road ( I cut timber so its to get to work, not recreational) Not abused, but well used. Never overloaded, but plenty hauled with it. No rust, none. Some cosmetic blemishes. It may be starting to leak a hair of oil but I just went on a 2000 mile road trip and didn't lose but no more than an 1/8 of a quart. I've been religious on oil changes.

So my work is taking me 250 miles round trip. Daily. Thinking about getting a tacoma w/ under 100k. But then I think, why get rid of this truck? Because something inside me says this is racking up too many miles on an older truck, it ought to be traded to someone who could use it for more local use.

So what would I do to evaluate the longevity of this truck, to see if i can get another 100k out of it? Thank you.
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I'd keep it. You know how well it works, parts are still available, no payments, no surprises. Yer not looking to mod it anytime soon. What kinda gas mileage are you seeing? I don't think any of the USA made trucks are gonna touch it and the minimal amount of maintenance that you have to do... ;) :D
So what would I do to evaluate the longevity of this truck, to see if i can get another 100k out of it? Thank you.
I'd take a look at the price difference between what you'd pay for a newer Taco and what you'd get for this truck, and compare that with the cost of an engine rebuild, if your T100 comes to need it in the next 100K miles.

If you turn "new truck" payments into "engine rebuild" payments into a savings account, it becomes pretty painless.

OTOH, if you decide to swap out, lemme know - no rust, you say? HmmmMMmm.....

Danno, who'd like a 'no rust' vehicle.
I hear ya on the payment vs. payment, new truck vs. rebuild.

I think the best bet would be to hold on to this one since I don't think I could get too much for it given the miles, and buy the newer, lighter model (used, cosmetically challenged to lower the price, hopefully). But lets say I get $3500 for it. And, I rent, so having extra cars around the house is only moderately reasonable. Thats a decent start on paying off a newer truck. Having the spare trucjk would be nice, then maybe I could buy a slightly older truck (88 4x4 w/ 4cy) and alternate.

I am getting 16-17 on flat interstate below 70mph. Running 78mph (last weekend) only about 260 miles/tank (about 13 mpg) Unfortunately, hurdling yourself over mountain after mountain over to wild and wooly WV, then roughin it into the woods on some awful skid trail, keeps the mileage down too, lets see, 3/4 tank over 250 miles, uummmm, lets say 15 mpg.

I don't know and my wife was laughing at me when I wrote in as if I would be able to get some conclusive answer on this one. Its a sweet truck if someone wants it, and I decide to sell it.

The T100s are awesome trucks. With only the 3.4L (glad no V8), far more space than tacoma, especially in the bed, the locking fornt end in 4x4, its killer. I figured when I got it I'd have it forever, but now, with dependabiility issues, I'm thinking.
Yes. Rust free. Thanks for the wisdom.
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if you are a t100 enthusiast i say keep it. with toyota millage doesn't matter because all the trucks are good. you can easily build a new engine. take a look at its a cool site and they have parts for a 5vz engine. if you know how to rebuild a engine on your own go for it. i recently did the top half. it cost be about 2k, but its totally worth it.
The owner of Brims (salvage yard in Kenton Ohio) told me he put 700K miles on a T100 before he sold it to another salvage yard to run parts.
My neighbor's boss apparently has one with about 450K, I thought that was pretty good.

I seem to be keeping it at the moment, although I can't halp but eye those new tacomas.
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