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Oooh Baby It's Cold

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It is cold out there in some parts. But good ole Camry came through for me and started even though I hated to have to do it. The block heater on this car doesn't work, but I did put synthetic 0W30 a month ago to make up for it (yes I am planning to get the block heater fixed).

After sitting for two days and soaking in minus 38C, my 1996 5SFE auto, started up this morning at... yep minus 38C. It didn't like it and the battery was weak from the cold, but I coaxed it gently with two easy cycles to get the engine to turn, and then the engine computer did the rest and shook the motor to life.

Wow, does the engine actually vibrate like that on a cold start? Sounded like the Cessna's I used to fly. The power steering or some sort of auxillary pulley moaned for about a minute or two as well.

But I can safely say that it is one heck of car in that respect, @334K. Reminds me of my Mazda 2.2 that was the same way.

Interestingly enough the folks at work with their brand new vehicles were complaining about the same things, engine vibration, pulley noises etc.

This was the rundown: 2006 Honda Element (noisy start, pulley noise, sluggish start), 2007 Jeep Commander (really didn't want to start, had to be coaxed and made quite a bit of noise doing it), 2006 Mazda 3 (started but owner was doubtful it would start, sluggish start).

I just had to smirk to myself about all that. But honestly, if I could have let my car sit until the temps became civilized again, I would have. But we really need our Camrys and they come through for us too!

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I hate this cold weather in southern Minnesota. Right now the wind chill is -34F! WTF?!

The Camry still starts right up every single time though even in this insane weather.
Dude, I hate this cold weather too. It's horrible, can you imagine..1 week of rain? temps at 40-65 degrees? Its amazing I have to wear a hoodie. And starting her She does shake, but purrs shen warmed up. Takes her longer to warm though. It almost took a 3 minutes more than ususual.. I mean darn, that's harsh.
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