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Check this out. I've been looking to pick up an Extended Cab early 90's 22re 4wd PU for over a month now. I'm located in Anchroage, AK. I found this one today but it is so far from my style its not even funny......or maybe it is funny and if I laugh enough about it I'll grow to love it. It certainlly has everything I want.....but get this, it is Kameleon color changing paint and has no door handles (shaved). Otherwise the truck is okay and has only 106K on it. They are asking $4500 Its actually at a auctoin house and they bought it but don't know how they go it....which is why I joke its a "drug dealr trukc" LOL
Check out the Pics, I also attached pics of a truck that is also for sale up here a 94 with 180K and a sweet custom rack and bed. its $6500.
If only it didn't have so many miles on it I'd jump right on it, but the style differences are enormous. The Camelon paint job cost like $4000 or something. Are these cool? I'm sure some love them......or are they out of style. I mean.....if I could resell it for a profit after the exact truck I want shows up????

Opinions? Comments?


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