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options opinions needed

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I am ordering a 2007 Tacoma tjis week and need advice.
Is the JBL stereo upgrade worth the money?
What is the difference in the seats sr5 vs sport suspension package?Dealer does not have sport in stock to compare.

Will tire pressure sensors mount in aftermarket wheels?

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TRD seats have larger side bolsters and different fabric than sr5 seats. The TPMS dont work with aftermarket wheels, at least I havent seen anyone that has had them succesfully work.
Don't get the JBL. Get an aftermarket sound system. It will sound better. The JBL system is hard to upgrade later.

I think the TPMS can work in aftermarket wheels. You just take out the special valve stems and put them on the aftermarket rims. I think.

My truck is a TRD Sport. You can check my CarDomain to see what they look like. The Sport has a hood scoop, bigger wheels (17"), paint matched mirrors, grill, door handles, and bumpers. A Limited Slip Diff and a slightly stiffer suspension.

The OffRoad package will have a flat hood, chrome rear bumper and grill, and a locking diff.

The TRD OffRoad and the TRD Sport both have the same seats. They have a mesh-like material in the center of the seat. The base model seats have a print fabric and less bolstering on the sides.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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