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2008 tundra
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hi every1,

I went and drove this truck. I was on the hwy in a straight line going 50mph I pushed the 4x4 button. It engauged fine no problem. after 10 seconds I disenguaged and heard/felt a loud clunk... not good right ? I repepated this a few times to make sure. What do you think is the problem ? the truck has 60k on it. I was gong no more than 50mph when this happened.

Otherwise the truck was perfect. besides the smell of the god that was left in there :rolleyes:

its a
2002 TRD sr5
5 speed
E locker in rear
Power everything for $16,000

I want to get an extended cab and cant afford a 2005 with all the options this 02 has. I dont consider this a downgrade :thumbup:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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