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Want a mellow way to spend the morning before the big game?

The Ray Davis Show

Join Ray Davis every Sunday morning for three great hours of
traditional bluegrass from 10am to 1pm. Every week, Ray brings you some
of the best bluegrass around, from prison songs and "plum pitiful"
tunes to the great train rides - and train wrecks - of bluegrass music.
You'll also hear music from Ray's famous "basement tapes," recordings
he's made of some of the top Bluegrass artists in the business. And at
the end of every hour, Ray makes it "Hymntime" with a selection of
gospel bluegrass songs.

If three hours every Sunday isn't enough for you, be sure to catch Ray
online at our Internet radio station, Every week
he brings you an additional three hours of the very best of bluegrass.

Here are the direct audio links: (winamp, xmms) (realaudio) (windoze media slayer)
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