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Now we know what Scott has been up to lately.


Couple finds stoned owl in Christmas tree
NBC2 News
Last updated on: 12/16/2005 10:55:04 AM

SARASOTA- The Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary in Sarasota is getting
ready to release one buzzed bird back out into the wild. Vets at the
sanctuary have been caring for a screech owl that was found acting a
little odd.

A couple purchased a Christmas tree and had it in the house for five
days before decorating it. That's when the couple discovered a tiny
screech owl in the tree.

The couple called the sanctuary's rescue squad.

But the story wasn't very interesting until Melissa Dolinsky began
assessing the owl's health.

"I kept smelling him and smelling him going, 'What is that odor?'"
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