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other methods/tips to tighten crank pulley bolt

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new timing belt is on and im running out of ideas to get the crank puley bolt to 80 lbs... any other ways using available home tools. i dont want to drive out jus to get a proper tool. :confused:
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You'll need four tools:

1. Torque wrench

2. Deep 19 mm socket

3. good quality (craftsman or better) #2 philips head screwdriver with round shaft

4. heavy duty pry bar

What you can do is stick the screwdriver into one of the holes for the bolts that hold on the outer pulley(which will need to be off for this), and stick the prybar between the screwdriver and socket. Then simply turn the crank clockwise until the prybar wedges itself onto the ground. Tighten to spec, and remove the prybar and screwdriver. Sorted.

I have posted this up a few times around the web, and I always add that I got this idea from a Chilton's manual for a 1st& 2nd gen Camry. So while it is a bit bootleg, it is (at least somewhat) officially sanctioned. I don't work in the field professionally, but if I did, I would use this method instead of impacts, which should never be used for tightening, unless equipped with torque sticks, and even then, IMHO, NEVER for engine bolts(not even for loosening).

Good luck, and if I can elaborate at all, please let me know.
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thats what the haynes say. doesnt work much. the car is pretty high off the ground.
Suggest a TN history search as members have come up with some pretty creative ideas on this.

One quick and cheap method is to use a piece of wood. Drill holes in it to attach to the pulley via the small bolt holes plus one in the center for the socket. Make the piece of wood long enough that when it rotated by the pulley it binds up on the chassis or shop floor.

Toyota has a special tool that uses the same method as above.
How about a friend in the car on the brakes with the car in gear or park?

clutch will not engage wen engine is off.
clutch will not engage wen engine is off.
your clutch is engaged at all times unless your foot is pressing down on the clutch!!!!!!!
Put the alternator belt on;
tension the belt
place 10 mm six point socket on the alternator SHAFT extension
have someone to hold it
using the breaker bar with 3/4 inch socket, turn the crank pulley bolt in clockwise direction until snag, remove wrench from alternator's shaft
Install all of the parts .
Start the engine.
The inertia will tighten the bolt good enough to drive the car to the place to rent a holding tool and a torque wrench.
i held the flywheel and got it. thanks guys.
Take it to a shop and pay the mechanic $5, or nothing, to blip it on with his impact for you next time? Alot of mechanics would do this for free or for a soda or something.
I'd avoid using an impact gun to tighten anything at all. They're great for removing just about anything (except for my f*$%@ng crank pully bolt), but not such a fantastic idea for tightening. Especially when it's only 80ft-lbs.
i used wood scraps...i drilled the wood and made a long"Y" that attached to the balancer pull off holes..plenty of space in the Y section to get at the balancer center bolt...80 ft/lbs isnt to much for wood to hold it in place.
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