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Ouchy for the FJ

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Anyone seen this one? FJ with bumper takes on tree:
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wow, funny how it just bonced off, show how it's a strong car, it could have been worse.....
Damn!!! that was ass up in the air into a tree hit! Sucks that trees don't move, eh?
LOL! poor tree, the FJ got fuxed though, see the wheel bend? :disappoin
did you see the whole front end skew? The hood crumbled the bumper slanted. Not to mention the brush guard... Not to be confused with tree guard... gave in pretty good.

So much for being tough.
auw dude thats gotta suck.
Meh. That's what happens when you play hard. I never once felt bad about putting a dent in my truck while having fun.
dang, and I thought my car was filthy haha
can't believe how it just bounced into the tree
looks like he bent his rad support and it cracked his rad haha...steam
Tree 1, FJ 0. :lol:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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