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Outside Door Latch Rod bent?

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The door handle broke the other day on my wifes car. The odd thing is that when I glued the piece back on with some epoxy, it broke again. After greasing the lock mechanism, I found that the rod seems to be bent or something because there is no travel between when you lift up on the handle and when the rod actuated the latch mechanism. So the handle is taking all of the force once the latch mechanism bottoms out. There's a channel that is at the bottom end of the rod, and it should rest somewhere in the middle of the ends of the channel. Is there a trick to adjusting/bending these rods? Is there a way to get it out without taking the window track etc out? Has anyone seen this problem before? :confused:

If anyone has a FSM for this thing it would be appreicated.

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I have the same problem! I got the rod out playing a little with the channel where it rests. The only problem now is that i dont know where to find or buy the fitting used to insert the rod in the door handle, in fact i dont even know the name of the part....
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