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Over head console question.

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Can you install an OEM overhead console in a truck that did not come with one. I know Toyota has put in the wiring for some things not installed on all the trucks. Like the cruse control. The wiring is there you just need the parts to complete it. I did this and love it. My question is, is the wiring and connection points under the head liner. I have an 05 SR5 reg. cab 4x4 and would like to add the overhead console, so I could have the outside temp indicator. Is this possible or not?

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Pretty sure you'll need to at least add the temp sensor to the front of the truck?
i think the wiring harness is there for the console itself, but idk about the temp sensor part. maybe it's already there, maybe it's not. if you wanna check for the temp sensor, open your hood and there will be a vertical radiator support in the middle area of the radiator. the sensor sits on that radiator support.
Yes all the wiring is there. You just have to buy the overhead console and temperature sensor and install. The plug for the temp sensor was wrapped in black electrical tape behind my grill just plug and play real easy. I have a 06 sr5 4x2 base(non prerunner from factory)
So if we assume the wiring is there can we also assume the needed contact points are there for installation of the console are also there? The console must use two or three screws or bolts to secure it to the roof of the truck.

Also if the wiring is in roof for the sensor the power supply wire should also be there. Maybe it is in the form of a plug with both the power and temp sensor together. From what I read so far no wires would have to be run for the sensor. The wires are all ready there. You only need the console to connect to one side, and the actual sensor to connect to the other side.

Thanks for the replies so far.
wolfman says all the wiring is there, so, i would go with that.

if the wiring is there, the plugs should be there. the console is only held on by 1 screw. if you get the entire unit/console, the hole for the screw is in the sunglasses pull down. the rest of the console is held on by clips and 2 plastic "c" shape elbows.
Interesting info. I miss not having the outside temp sensor in the truck, and this has peaked my interest in doing the mod. Now for the added twist, does this also inlude the compass? I believe they are both in the same window? So if you buy the OEM overhead and it is basically plug and play ( other then adding the outside sensor ) what is involved in getting the compass to play?

Taco Fun
Just called the local dealership. 147 for the interior display window ( hoping it fit in the orig overhead ) and 16 for the temp sensor. Not sure for that kinda $$$$$$ that mod is worth it?
After thinking more about it. It may be easier and more cost effective to add a self dimming mirror with both the temp and compass in it. You can get that installed for about $200.00. God only knows how much it would cost to find a used overhead console. It would be more work also to install. Cutting into the head liner would be a risky affair for me. I would be afraid to make a mistake and be left with a ruined liner.
^ yours doesn't have the overhead console with 2 compartments? i think one is a garage door compartment and the other is a sunglasses compartment.

an auto dimming mirror with a temp and compass isn't a bad idea either.
Remove your plain jane overhead console and look for these.

Wires on plug A28
(1) Bluegreen = 12v+
(2) White w Blk tracer 12v-
(3) Violet w Wht tracer = to Combo Meter
(4) Green = 12v+ (tail SW activated)
(5) Yellow = to Temp Sensor
(6) Gray= from Temp Sensor

OEM auto dim mirror uses (1) (2) of A28 so you have it made for the aftermarket one.

M3 Overhead Map light plug
(1) White = 12v+
(2) White w Blk tracer 12v-
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