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Overdrive Off indicator light

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okay heres the deal.... my dad believes that when he bought the 2003 Camry XLE the OD off indicator light was green, however I believe it's orange because that is what the color is now... He believes its a malfunction and swore that it used to be green. Were going to the Toyota dealership the day after tomorrow to confirm this... But there is a deal riding on this, so I don't feel like stressing too much... Can any of you guys tell me what color your OD off indicator is?
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blue no wait pink or was it aqua?

it's orange:lol:
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my od on my gen3 is orange

power is green, i dont know if you have this or not though....if you do this might be what he was thinkin of
i have a gen5, and it is supposed to be orange. Your father is hallucinating.
orange on my gen 4.5

why are you driving with it off anyways? :confused:
even if it was green when he first got the car...who cares if its orange long as it works...btw my gen

i remember once my mom said my neighbor's siding was gray, when it was clearly pink :rolleyes:
mines is orange gen 3.5

speaking of OD i had a question. i normally have it off but when i drive on the highways i normal switch it on at about 50mph's and instantly my car jerks forward and the steering becomes looser same then when i turn it off my car seems to have a short lost of power. just wondering if these are normal things?

when is it proper to use OD anyways.
i only turn it on when i am passing someone and need power
spydrvnm said:
i only turn it on when i am passing someone and need power
are you sure you arent talking about the ECT thing...not the O/D on the shifter...cause when you push ECT it saws PWR on the gauges...

what exactly does O/D do anyway? somebody wanna enlighten me?
The PWR light, or the PWR switch, that are on the older camrys are not the same thing as OD light.

PWR light = Older camrys have this. Because back then the transmission did not have adaptive shift logic, the user pushed the button to tell the transmission that you want to drive aggressively. Newer camrys Gen5, maybe gen4.5? dont' have this button. This is because the transmission has a learning and adaptive logic built in. So if you drive aggresively, then the transmission knows that you want to drive aggressively and compensates, equivalent to pushing the PWR button.

OD = Overdrive. This switch on the shifter just enables or disables overdrive gear, which is usually the highest gear that your car has. OD gear is for highway driving, or moderate city driving.
Hes mixing up ECT with O/D. You should up the Anty right before you get in the dealership. Cuz you clearly won.
By the way, ECT stands for Electronically Controlled Transmission. Gen5's have ECT-i, which is ECT with intelligence. All this means is that the computer controlls the transmision. I can get into differene between ECT and ECT-i if anyone cares.
You shouldn't drive with the O/D off unless you're towing or something like that. It states it in the manual.

I leave mine on 100% of the time. It saves gas and wear and tear on your engine due to keeping lower revs. With O/D on, my automatic has lower revs than my manual tranny Altima had... which is why I can go 4 days on a tank of gas rather than 3.
sometimes my od off light randomly flashes...i read in the manual that this could be a serious trannny problem...but when i asked my mechanic he said it was doesnt always flash...just sometimes....anybody know whats going on?
hm... i still don't really know whats going on with OD.

One guy has it on all the time.

one guy says only for towing.

the other guy is like me and using it only for highway driving.
Not using it is like not using 5th gear in a manual tranny car. You can drive the car forever like that, but you don't get as good as gas mileage and it's more wear and tear on the engine due to higher RPM speeds.
isn't OD just activate the third gear. Thought that's more for local driving instead of highway driving... Damn i'm confused too. gives better acceleration i find =)
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