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Overdrive Solenoid Question

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I probably have the weirdest application on this forum, its a 1950 Ford convertible, running the original flathead, but with an overdrive Toyota automatic transmission out of (I think) an '84 minivan! I went with the Toyota, becuase the X-member on the Ford chassis fit it perfectly, and I wanted overdrive to keep my expenisve flattie from wearing out prematurely. Bolted right up to the 8BA flathead just like a champ.

The tranny is a 03-71L, (which I gather is a class of trannies, so it may not be descriptive enough), and the OD soleniod in on the drivers side. It has a three wire plug, but only a black wire is attached to the solenoid itself...the other wires apparently are broken off inside the conduit.

My question is, can anyone tell me what the three wires go to? Which one activates the soleniod, is there a ground, etc. Can I take this solenoid aprat somehow to re-attach the wires? A diagram or pic would be most appreciated...thanks Dave
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That is a weird application. And just cauz your mixing your Ford with a Toyota part doesn't make it right.

Go get a book on that specific Toyota tranny or go to a Toyota Dealership for help.
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