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overfilled transmission by 1/2 qt.

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How to I remove 1/2 qt. of fluid from the transmission with out loosening the transmission plug again. I bought a brake bleeder pump from checkers, the one with the hand pump with gauge and tried to put 1/4" ID clear tubing inside the transmission dip stick hole, to try to suck out the transmission fluid, but it did not work. Don't know if the tubing is inside far enough, but i put it in as far as it could. So now i'm trying to locate the trans cooler line, so i can probably suck fluid out from there. Can anybody show a pic of where it is on a 98 camry v6 1mzfe engine. Also if you guys have any method you can share, please feel free to add your comment. Thanks in advance.
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i'm not sure why you don't wanna just crack the drain plug and drain some fluid back out, it's the simplest and easiest way to get it done. it's actually probably easier than disconnecting the drain hose, cuz unless the vehicle is running, you probably won't get much more fluid out than what is in the drain line. my suggestion is to buy another quart of fluid and drain out a lil more than you think it's overfilled by (using the drain plug) and check and refill in small amounts till the level is correct.

God Bless.
Alright thanks for the reply, i'll do that.
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