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Has anyone installed an overhead DVD for their matix with
a sunroof?

My family do a lot of road trips in the summer time and
I need something to keep my two kids busy so they don't
poke each other during the ride. Not looking to get anything
bigger than 9". I'm not worried about the wiring but I am
more concern about cutting the headliner.

Can't do the headrest monitors cause my wife don't use the
headrest so it's stays off at all times.

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They make "bag" DVD players that fit inside webbing that is stretched between the two front seats. No installation necessary, uses a combination of velcro and nylon straps - basically looks like a giant slingshot between the two seats with any portable DVD unit sitting in the center "shelf".

The overhead unit will require a bit of fabrication to make it work - due to the moonroof. Most of the ones I see are designed to fit around the center lamp and use that to secure the unit. Might not be enough room to have the base sit flush there, trying to jockey that around without cutting into the headliner might lead to peeling that fabric off by accident.
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