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I have an 1993 toyota truck which I bought last year.
A month after I got it it started overheating.
Temp guage would rise about 70% to 80%.
coolant would boil over and fill up the reservior tank and it keeps bubbling up and over.
So I took it to a mechanic I know and he replaced the radiator, thermostat, water pump, the cooling fan and all the tubing.

But it kept on over heating after that.

So I took it back to him and this time he suspected that there might be a leak somewhere so he put a bottle of sealing chemical in. That sort of stopped the overheating for about a couple of month and now it's overheating again. It seems like when I am on the freeway going 60/70 mph it's cool but when I am stuck on traffic or on a local road the temp guage is going up. I don't know what to do. I've already spent over $1500 on this truck and don't know if I should spend more money or just get rid of it.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. I would appreciate any comment to resolve the problem.

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Radiator sealant is a good way to clog important parts of your cooling system. I wish they'd take that crap off the market. Sealant doesn't know the difference between a leak, and a thin radiator tube, or heater core.

I wouldn't go back to your mechanic. If he suspected a leak, he should have pressure tested the cooling system. It's a simple test.

More importantly, after replacing all the components the way he did, the most likely cause of your overheating problem is a blown head gasket. Missing this shows even more incompetence on your mechanic's part.

At the top of the forum, there are a couple of stickies. One is to copies of the Factory Service Manual (FSM) and other handy repair references.

Find a better mechanic, and if you can't find a decent mechanic (they're hard to find), become your own. Lots of good help here.

Good Luck!

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I'm with Arved, hearing what you have said already I'd skip the coolant system pressure test and go right to the compression test to check the leaky head gasket theory. likely coolant passages in head gasket may be plugged up.

Definately ditch the mechanic. nothing I hate worse than those buggers (like me :rolleyes: ) who just start replacing parts on a vague hunch.

I just got the head gasket done, my first one. Not a bad job. Hoping that friggin ultra copper crap don't screw me.

Sometimes to much advice is not good when it all conflicts each other. I'll learn the old fashioned way I guess .
good luck with it.

ps .. you have a cylinder conmpression tester by chance ? I'd be happy to guide you through the process if you want to pick one up, it is an easy procedure.
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