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I am about to put a bullet in my Toyota. I have a 81 4x4 with a 22re and dash out of an 83 Celica GTS. Last year it started running kida hot, noticed a small leak in the head gasket. The engine had 216k on it, decided it was time for new rings and bearings. AFter rebuild, she started overheating after driving for 20 minutes. Completely removed thermostat, locked fan clutch, flushed radiator and cleaned radiator with cleaner. Have checked fuel pressure, replaced regulator, removed air filter, checked exhaust for plugged lines, changed head gasket AGAIN, adjusted valve lash, changed oil pump, YOU NAME IT, still overheats after about 20 or 30 minutes of driving. The last thing that I haven't checked yet is the ignition. COuld a weak spark cause overheating? HELP! Thanks
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i dont think a weak spark could cause over heating but a degraded water pump or radiator could cause that(rusting out from the inside)
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