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Owners of 1996 avalon

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seems to be the avalon threads (4) are pretty much dead. Any owners out there. I am about to get a 96 xls with 145k kms. i owner. viewed the service history and all fluids have been changed at the correct time. timing belt has been changed. The rack and pinion was replaced.

anythign else i should pay attention to. A/C, engine sludge etc...

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i have a v6 cam around those same miles, there about the same only diffrent shell.

take it out driving and lissen when you go over bumps and turns for knocking or clunking noises. also lissen to the engine for any uncommon noises, the condtion of the belts and if everything works including cd player if one is installed. i'm personaly surpised about the rack and pinion and also take it out on the highway a let go of the wheel for a short while to make sure the alignment is right. also check the headlights at night too see if they are aligned right this can show if the car was in an accident (my gf weren't lined up).
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