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oxygen sensors etc

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Hi Everyone
wow where did summer go oh yeah it was when i struggled to repair my ac system LOL ...

Ok so now I am attempting to replace my sensors.
I need to know from anyone who has replaced theirs.
I have a 96 XLS and I want to replace the two rear ones
in the firewall area Bank 1.

Are they both Air Fuel Sensors? if not which one is the Right or the left?

which kind is the main front one?
Regular oxygen sensor..this is
Take care and have a great day
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the o2 sensors in the exhaust manifolds are the front sensors. the one by the firewall is "bank 1"

go here:

and select the o2 sensor of your choice. i tried bosh and it gave me fits. i would stay with denso for the o2 sensors. however, bosh plugs work great!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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