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I have a customer that just bought an 86 pickup/22r with 16,300 actual miles and he wants me to change his steering, which is manual to power! I've checked all local yards, and nothing is to be found, as far as components to do the job! Doe's anyone know of a place that all the parts needed can be found? PS: I'm sorry for this request, but he's been a good customer for 22 years and he's up in age, so I'm doing what I can to help him! Thank You All!!
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Connect a wireless drill to the steering wheel nut.

Easiest power steering, and he can put it in reverse to turn the other way:kingme:
I don't know of anyone that has a kit. Getting the stuff from a recycler is usually easier. The parts are the same 2WD/4WD except for the actual steering box. The mounting brackets for the pump changed slightly thru-out the years but parts for the same gen truck should be direct bolt-on.

I'm 53 and my first time on this site asking a legitiment question, I get a response from, evidently the biggest asshole alive! I'm very sure you're proud of yourself "80_pickup!" Enjoy the rest of your silly life!
ya your going to get some people like him on here any way, the first thing you what to do is check to see if his head has bosses in it for a p/s bracket if it does then your going to need a p/s pump, any pump from a 22r should work, your going to need the lines, the p/s fluid cooler, the reservoir, and the p/s box. i think thats it.
There is a place in Denver, CO called yota yard, do a google search and you will find it, they should be able to help you find the parts you need.
I've had good luck on craigs list, yesterday I got hold of a guy that had two wrecked trucks (90 & 93 xtra cabs) and I got a rear bumper, solid back glass with new gasket, and the entire back seats/seat belts in the xtra cab for $100. I noticed he had the power steering set up already dismantled and in the back of one of the trucks. My point is keep looking around, you'll find something reasonable.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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