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P0135. Camry 2000 V6 XLE. Help, please.

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Hey guys, new guy here. I just had my MIL pop up 2 weeks ago and got the P0135 error code, which gives the bank 1, sensor 1 heater circuit malfunction.

I've downloaded the toyota repair manuals and am confused as to which oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1 is. Some of the pictures aren't very clear. From what I understand, there are three oxygen sensors in this car. I popped open my hood, and found one at the front of the car, which is easily accessible. The only other oxygen sensor I saw was near the rear left under the front hood, close to the firewall; however, this one looked like it would only be accessible from underneath, unless you could somehow lean over and get a long enough tool in there.

Can anyone clarify as to which sensor is bank 1 sensor 1?

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The bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor is shown in the Gen 4 wiring diagram to be the one that is close to the firewall, in the back of the engine... as you open the hood... approximately in the center of the engine compartment. The one at the front of the engine, nearest to the radiator is the bank 2 sensor 1. There is a third oxygen sensor, someplace underneath the car ... after the catalytic converter... It is labeled bank 1 sensor 2.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Is it possible to replace the bank 1 sensor 1 from the top of the car, instead of getting at it underneath the car? I'm sure some type of long handle would be needed?

And how is it attached? Two bolts and just unscrew the sensor out?

Thanks again.
Try a forum search.... usually they just unscrew. However, you have to disconnect the electrical connector first. I think there is a special wrench socket that is recommended to use. ...It may be that you have to remove the passenger seat to access the connector for this specific sensor....
Try the forum search tab...lots of advice here usually...
It's tricky. I did replaced mine from top.

from brake booster side.

Hope that helps.
Thanks camlex. Took a look again under the hood, and it looks really hard to get at it from the top. I may just go at it underneath.

Where did you get your o2 sensor from?
Ive got a 1mzfe solara and I'm in the same dilemma (PO135). Well its probably not a dilemma. I hope you dont have to take out the seat.
I got it from Toyota internet price was ~$110 a peice
by radiator and firewall, both are same.

Dumb question, but, that's taken from underneath the car, right? And a V6 2000 Camry?

I got it from Toyota internet price was ~$110 a peice
by radiator and firewall, both are same.

Thanks. Gonna order one tonight; just have to do some searching for a good price and reputable place online to get it.

First time repairing anything myself on cars. Hopefully it won't be too tough. :naughty:
does anyone know what the Denso part # is for the Bank 1 Sensor one is?
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