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Hi all,

I have 2002 camry LE 4 cylinder and the car currently has about 165000 miles on it.

I was doing regular maintenance such as throttle body cleaning and seafoaming 2 weeks ago and all of sudden, check engine light came on. I've done throttle body cleaning and seafoaming every 30 to 40,000miles and had no problem at all in the past.

Here is what I had done hoping to remove this check engine light on so far.

1. disconnect battery and reconnect after 5 min. This will erase check engine light for first 50 mile driven but it came back.
2. cleaned maf sensor using csc maf sensor cleaner
3. checked all vaccum line and connection
4. tried redline fuel system cleaner once, and about to try chevron techron soon when gas gets empty.
5. checked my air filter

Car runs fine so far without any gas mileage decrease. Actually car runs better since throttle body cleaning and seafoaming. It's just P0171 check engine light bothering me.

Check engine light is still on.
Today I noticed strange clicking noise after I turn off the engine and recorded the noise hoping someone can tell me what's with my car. I don't even know if this noise is related to P0171 problem. There will be two different kinds of noise since check engine light came on. One is while engine is running and one after engine off.

The link to the clicking noise sound file is here.
This is recorded in my garage and i have placed my recorder under the hood from passenger's tire side. You can hear the rattle noise while engine is running. It is hard to hear but it's there. I don't think I ever heard this kind of rattle before check engine light on. After car has been shut off at around 50 sec the clicking noise starts. The click noise rate decrease as time passes and I stopped recording at about 5 min when my daughter made bigger noise.

Please help.
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