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P0300 error on 2001 Corolla

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Hey everyone ... I need some help regarding a P0300 error I'm getting in my 2001 Toyota Corolla. My check engine light came on so I took the car in to the dealership - they told me about the P0300 error and that it could be caused due to a multiple reasons ... bad plugs, low grade fuel etc. I have 65,500 miles on it now.

In addition to the light, I have the follownig problem: When I start my car, the engine fires up instantly, but when I shift it into Drive or Reverse and step on the gas a little, it wants to stall. The car doesn't start rolling immediately. I need to let it run in idle for 30 seconds or so before it will move. It happens more often than not when the car has been out in the sun for a long time. Early morning I have no trouble with it but when I get off work, which is when the cars been in the sun all day, I have the problem without fail.

I would really appreciate any pointers from you guys ... cos I'm over the warranty and can't afford to keep taking it to the dealership ... it seems like they're trying to take me for a ride. Thanks in advance !!!!
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I'm not sure about the exact code.. but it sounds similar to the same problem I had once... it ended up being a faulty injector. Toyota replaced them all under warranty. :cool:
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