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2007 Highlander V6 170k miles
Check engine light along with TRAC OFF and VSC light came on yesterday. Read the codes and got:
P0304 cyl 4 misfire
C1223 malfunction in ABS control system
C1267 petal force switch malfunction

Seems an odd combination to have occurred at the same time. Also the cylinder with the misfire had an issue 6 months ago that made it drive very rough. Replacing the ignition coil solved it. No noticeable driving impact now.

Thoughts, prayers?

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The P0304 could be a history code if you are not feeling the miss.
Post freeze frame data.

Start with the C1267. This is a circuit code. The fault could be in the harness or ground as well as the switch, and rarely in the ABS module itself.
Here is a paraphrase of the problem from the 2005 manual, which should be very similar if not the same.
1) Open or short in the brake pedal load sensing switch circuit continues for 0.3 sec or more
2) Immediately after IG1 is turned ON, the load sensing switch is ON and the stop lamp switch is off for more than 10 seconds.
3) Brake pedal load sensing switch is on during acceleration from 0 to 19 mph.

You can get access to the troubleshooting procedure by subscription to Toyota TIS, AlldataDIY, or Mitchell1DIY.
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